At Vector Roofing our goal will always be to make your home whole again. We see the project through the eyes of our homeowners. Building trust through educating them and working with them while providing the best services and products available.

Core Values:

We focus on doing the next right thing

  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Passion and Excellence
  • Compassion


  • We call all leads within 24hrs to schedule an inspection
  • We get on the roof to check for weather related damage
  • We look for potential sources of any leaks that have been reported and the overall health of the roof
  • We discuss any options or potential action plans necessary to repair or replace the roof and set expectations that the formal proposal and contract will be sent from the office
  • If this is an insurance claim, we give expectations on filing a claim and sending over the insurance paperwork after the adjuster’s inspection
  • If the roof is fine and no repair is needed, we confirm with the homeowner that they are good to go and email a five year roof certification via the office.
  • We work with realtors to either confirm or combat the home inspectors reports and work well with tight deadlines

Roof Replacement

  • After the initial inspection is completed and the adjuster’s appointment for the insurance company passes, we send out the contract either with a sit down appointment with their field rep or via our electronic signature system (Docusign) to the homeowner’s email address
  • Once its been signed, we get the logistics settled including pulling the permit, getting the material order put together, and contacting the homeowner to schedule the delivery followed by scheduling the roofing date
  • The driveway must be cleared for both dates
  • Roofers show up early (Roughly 6:30am on the morning of the roofing date) to begin tear off
  • Depending on which county the homeowner lives in, we either tear off and dry in the roof and wait for the mid roof inspector to come out (typically the next business day) then go back up the following day to complete the new roof. Or we tear off and dry in the roof same day when a mid roof inspection is not required
  • After the roof is complete we send the original salesman out to confirm the homeowner’s satisfaction with the new roof
  • We magnet the property to sweep for any nails that flew off during the process
  • We bring an invoice to collect either the first payment or the contract in full (depends on each contract)
  • After the roof has been completed we request the final inspection with the building departments
  • We have no control over when they go out, but regardless of timing, we will always make sure to follow up with the homeowner to confirm we passed or correct any items that may come up


  • Based on the inspection findings, we will give either a proposal for the repair with a description on what it entails, or we will refer them to someone else if it is a repair that we do not handle
  • Each repair is handled on a case by case basis


  • Any gutters and downspouts that are included with the insurance claims fall under our wheelhouse to replace
  • We can also bid any additional gutters and downspouts that are not covered on the claim if the homeowner would like a full replacement

Exterior Paint

  • Just as with gutters, any exterior paint that is covered in the insurance claim falls under our wheelhouse to complete
  • We cover paint on any type of siding, stucco redashes, and decks (paint or stain)
  • We will offer bids to cover any parts of the house that are not covered under the insurance claim if the homeowner would like

Insurance Assistance

  • We meet the adjuster for the insurance inspection to ensure they catch all appropriate damage and cover everything they should
  • We submit supplements as needed to the insurance company and handle all the back and forth arguing as necessary to get the payment needed to replace with similar materials or better
  • Our goal is to make it as easy on the homeowner as possible
  • We send in the work completed invoice to the insurance company after all the work is done
  • We make sure the insurance company releases the depreciation to the homeowners in a timely manner.


  • We offer our homeowners financing through a third party financing company called Hearth.
  • Homeowners can see if they are prequalified or preapproved within two minutes on a link we send to them via text or email
  • Homeowners will have multiple offers from various lenders, and they choose whatever is most comfortable for them
  • Homeowners can also reject any of the offers if they do not like the terms or interest rate
  • Homeowners are not bound to any of the options if they do not want them