What is the process for having your roof replaced?

Whether you are having your roof replaced by your insurance company or funding it yourself, the process is mostly the same. Read on for the steps in the process for having your roof replaced:

  • Call or email Vector Roofing and receive a return call within 24 hours to schedule the inspection
  • Inspection takes place, and meet the insurance adjuster if needed
  • Sign contract/cash bid
  • Permits pulled and material ordered/scheduled for delivery
  • Material delivered and roofing scheduled
  • Roofers show up and complete the roof
  • Inspections are scheduled with the building department
  • First invoice is sent to the homeowner
  • Any additional trades are completed (i.e. gutters, paint)
  • Invoice sent to the insurance company if it was a contract vs. cash bid
  • Check is sent to the homeowner from the insurance company
  • Final invoice is sent to the homeowner
  • Account finalized

Schedule an Inspection

Difference between contract and cash bid when having your roof replaced

We have two types of contracts our customers can sign with us: cash bids and regular insurance contracts. If the homeowner wants a roofing bid, and they want to avoid putting in a claim with their insurance company or they just want to change the roof for aesthetics, we pull the measurements for the roof and do a cash bid. The cost of the roof replacement is 100% the customer’s responsibility, and we do not deal with the insurance company at all. After the roof is complete, the full payment for the entire cash bid is due, and that is the only invoice that is sent.

When a customer wants to go through their insurance company, we will meet the adjuster and work exclusively off the insurance summary. Often times the insurance companies under bid a roof replacement, and we have to go back and supplement different items. We fill out a regular contract that gives the breakdown and expectations when dealing with insurance companies. We have a two payment system on these files since the insurance companies only pay out a portion of the claim up front. After the roof and any remaining trades are finished, we will send the work completed invoice that prompts the insurance company to release all the depreciation being held. After we get confirmation that the homeowner has received that second check, we will send off the final invoice to them and finalize the order.